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Introducing KIZEI?: The new exclusive range of spherical roller bearings


27 July 2020 - Toronto - Corporate - News

NTN-SNR’s exclusive, revolutionary offer - a new range of spherical roller bearings protected by metal shields - boasts improved production efficiency, lower maintenance costs, ISO standard dimensions, guaranteed interchangeability, innovative design, and more. Halfway between the sealed and open models, KIZEI? is today’s innovation and tomorrow’s standard.

Staying true to the company’s top priority - customer satisfaction - the NTN-SNR engineering team based in Annecy, France, observed that 21% of damage to open spherical bearings is due to solid contamination and 13% to lubrication problems. This results in premature wear to the bearing, high maintenance costs and significant production losses. The problem is daunting: how to limit these two factors that cause premature end-of-life?

After more than four years of research, development, industrialization and real-world tests, NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada Limited, a leading producer of premium quality ball and roller bearings, is pleased to announce the introduction of KIZEI?, a full range of new spherical roller bearings developed to meet current market requirements.

A patented innovative concept

A spherical roller bearing protected by metal shields attached directly to the cage. The idea may seem simple, but it presented a significant challenge in terms of design and manufacturing. Provides protection against solid particles (dust, pebbles, etc.), improves grease retention, respects ISO dimensions – and all of this without reducing load capacity, limiting speed and maintaining misalignment capabilities of open spherical roller bearings. These were the main considerations when the KIZEI? range was being designed by NTN-SNR.

Completely interchangeable, zero disturbance

With a minimum lifespan twice that of an open spherical roller bearing, and a need for relubrication that is three times less, KIZEI? guarantees the customer both optimized performance and reduced maintenance costs. Its ease of use and standard dimensions ensure complete interchangeability, and hence no interruption to the customer’s working practices. Unlike the larger sealed model that requires special accessories, KIZEI? fully adapts to the mechanisms already used with standard open bearings: same housing, same accessories, same mounting, same grease. All that is needed is to change the part. The KIZEI?’s commitments thus boil down to this: effortless implementation, longer life and increased equipment performance.

A complete range

In adding this innovation to its catalogue, NTN-SNR now offers the most complete range of spherical roller bearings on the market. The aim is clear: to strengthen NTN-SNR’s position in the market and to be seen as a major innovator. The KIZEI? range will be available for purchase starting in July 2020 in Canada.

To learn more about the KIZEI??product line, please contact your NTN sales representative. You can also access additional information about KIZEI??Spherical Roller Bearings at?

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